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January 16, 2018

Power Cut Advice

Torch power cutA Met Office yellow warning of snow and ice has been in place since Monday evening, after an icy front arrived from the Atlantic. In some areas the weather warning has been upgraded to Amber meaning an increased likelihood of the weather affecting people who live in those areas.

Weather phenomenon, Thundersnow, has also been forecast, with a warning that power supplies and mobile phone coverage may be affected.

So, what do you do if you experience a power cut? Here is our handy guide:

Power Cut Kit

A torch - it's much safer than using the candles.
A battery-powered or wind-up radio (useful for keeping with relevant local news).
Keep a blanket and warm clothing handy, and fill a vacuum flask or hot water bottle.
Keep your cupboard stocked with food and drink that doesn't require electricity to prepare it.
If you think there is a chance of a power cut then keep your mobile phone and laptop fully charged.

What to do During a Power Cut

Wrap up warm.
Switch off all electrical appliances that shouldn't be left unattended, ready for when the power comes back on.
Leave a light on so you know when the power outage has been resolved.
If it is safe to do so, check to see if your neighbors are okay.
Check your network operator's website or social media channels for updates. If you don't know your network operator, you will find it by clicking here.
Call 105 to report the power cut or get an update.

105 is the nationwide number that will put you through to your local electricity network operator - the company that manages the cables, wires and sub-station that bring electricity into your home.

You can also call 105 if you spot damage to electricity power lines and sub-stations that could put you or someone else in danger. If there's a serious immediate risk call the emergency services too.

105 is a free service for people in England, Scotland and Wales and you can call the number from most landlines and mobile phones. It doesn't matter who your energy supplier is - anyone can call 105.

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January 12, 2018

Record 5.5m UK households switched energy supplier in 2017

The latest figures released by Energy UK show that a record 5.5 million households switched energy supplier last year - a 15% increase on 2016.

A total of 5,534,472 customers switched to a better energy deal during 2017 - the highest number that Energy UK has ever recorded.

In 10 months of the year, over 400,000 customers switched. Although it isn't monitored, it is thought that millions of additional customers will have also switched to a better deal with their existing energy supplier.
Competition in the energy market has intensified, with more than 60 energy companies to choose from. 28% of energy switches last year moved to small or mid-tier energy suppliers. The rest of the switches went to one of the "Big Six"; British Gas, E.ON, EDF, Npower, ScottishPower or SSE.

About 12 million households are believed to be still on expensive uncapped standard variable tariffs (SVTs), despite a report from the Competition and Markets Authority which warned in 2016 that they were contributing to £1.4 billion in excess profits to energy companies. The industry is looking at ways to encourage the most 'sticky' of customers to switch to better energy deals.

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK said:

"It is tremendous to see switching surpassing all expectations during 2017. Every year more and more customers are seeking out a better deal and potentially saving themselves hundreds of pounds a year. With nearly 60 suppliers to choose from, the market is more competitive than ever before and the Energy Switch Guarantee provides consumers with extra reassurance that switching supplier will be simple, speedy and safe."

"I would encourage all customers to spend a few minutes checking the deal they are on. You could save a lot of money on your current energy bill - whether it be with a new supplier or your existing provider."

Energylinx would like to invite everyone to compare energy tariffs and see how much they could save by switching. It's quick, easy and won't cost you a penny. You can either do it on our website or by calling 01259 220000

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January 8, 2018

Priority Service Register

Did you know that energy companies provide help and support for vulnerable customers, especially the elderly and those on key benefits?

Priority Service Register

Energy Suppliers maintain a register of customers who are pensioners, disabled or chronically sick and/or have a hearing or visual impairment. These customers are given priority when reconnecting supply after or during a supply outage. Households on Priority Services Register (PSR) are offered other means of non-financial support including free gas safety checks, free quarterly meter readings and energy advice.

If you experience difficulty dealing with your energy supply, then you might be able to sign up to the PSR.
Customers can register for priority services if they are considered 'vulnerable' by their energy network.

This can apply to lots of different situations - for example if you:

• are disabled or seriously ill
• are recovering from an injury
• have mental health problems
• don't speak or read English well
• have children under 5 or are pregnant
• have reached your State Pension age

If you are in a situation that isn't listed above then you might still be able to sign up for priority services if you find it hard to deal with your energy supply.

If you think that you qualify to be on the PSR then you need to contact your energy network and fill in a signup form. Your energy network is the company that manages the electricity meters in your area, not the company you get bills from. If you are not sure who your energy network is then there is a useful tool on The Power Cut 105 website - enter your postcode and it will tell you the company to contact.

Anyone who is worried about paying their bill or managing their energy use should contact their energy supplier directly.

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January 3, 2018

Make a New Year's Resolution you can stick to...

Make 2018 the year you create time to switch energy suppliers. It only takes a few minutes and could save you a small fortune on your energy bills.

Over five million customers switched energy supplier in 2017, topping 2016's figure. Despite a record-breaking year, research released last month by energy regulator, Ofgem, revealed that 57% of UK households are on their energy suppliers' standard variable tariff (SVTs).

An energy suppliers SVT tends to their most expensive tariff and customers on an SVT could be overpaying on their energy bills by as much as £300 a year.

Energylinx offers an impartial online energy comparison and switching service. If you are not sure where to start then you can also call our advisors on 01259 220000 and they will discuss your options with you.

On average our customers save £329.48*. See what you could save today.

*20% of all users over the last 60 days (4 Nov - 2 Jan) achieved a saving of at least £329.48

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December 21, 2017

Energy suppliers are failing to move customers to cheaper deals

Energy suppliers have been in the spotlight this week after a cross-party panel of MPs criticised them for failing to offer cheaper energy deals more than once every two to three months. This comes after energy regulator, Ofgem, released a new league table ranking the ten largest energy suppliers on how many of their customers are on Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs).

"Big Six" supplier, SSE, is at the bottom of Ofgem's new league table. Together with British Gas, which comes second from bottom, the two energy suppliers account for over half of all households on these poor value deals.

Ofgem's table also shows that SVTs are around £300 more expensive than the cheapest deals on the market. The high number of customers on standard tariffs is the main driver behind Government's controversial plans to cap energy bills across the market.

Of the ten largest suppliers shown, the three suppliers with the smallest proportion of customers on standard variable tariffs are all independent suppliers - First Utility (which comes top), followed by Ovo Energy and Co-Operative Energy respectively.

First Utility contact customers on SVTs up to 13 times in one year to suggest cheaper, fixed-term energy tariffs.

The decline in the overall number of customers on these tariffs is accelerating thanks to record switching rates in 2017. The total number of switches have climbed 17% from last year to over 5.1m in 2017.

Dermot Nolan, chief executive of Ofgem, said:

"Ofgem's league table shows which suppliers have the most work to do to get all their customers a better deal.
"Some of the larger suppliers have a significantly lower proportion of customers on poor value standard variable deals than SSE, British Gas and E.ON in particular. This shows it is possible to help more of these customers get a better deal and it is unacceptable that so many are still paying too much for their energy."

Are you on a standard tariff? If you are then you are likely to be paying far too much for your energy.

Energylinx offers an instant online comparison and switching service. You can do a quote on our website or by calling 01259 220000.

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December 18, 2017

Over 5m households have switched energy suppliers in 2017

Latest figures from Energy UK show that over 5 million customers have switched electricity suppliers in 2017, topping 2016's figure.

In November alone more than 475,000 households switched energy suppliers. This number is up 14% on the same period last year.

It is thought that the increase in consumers switching energy suppliers is, in part, due to more energy companies taking part in the Energy Switch Guarantee. SSE, OVO Energy and Utility Warehouse have now all signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, which means that over 90% of the market is now covered by the scheme. The Energy Switch Guarantee is an industry-led initiative through which companies' sign up to a series of commitments ensuring customer switches are simple, speedy and safe.

There is now more than 55 energy suppliers in the market and last month 24% of switches went to small or mid-tier energy firms.

Ofgem numbers estimate that, in addition to those switching supplier, double that number chnage to a cheaper tariff with their current energy provider. This means that in excess of 12 million households will have actively chosen the best deal for themselves by the end of 2017.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy UK said:

"Over five million customers have now taken action to lower their bills, topping last year's figure and showing how more and more people are realising how quick and easy it is to save money. If you have not done so already, spend a few minutes contacting your own supplier to find a better deal or switch to one of the 55 plus suppliers out there. It will be well worth the effort."

Tina Tietjen, Independent Chair of the Energy Switch Guarantee said:

"We're delighted to welcome three new major suppliers to the Energy Switch Guarantee. It means that even more customers can switch with confidence to suppliers of all sizes covered by the scheme, knowing the process will be simple, speedy and safe."

With so many energy suppliers taking part in the Energy Switch Guarantee and too many housesholds stuck on Standard Variable Tariffs, it's the right time to compare energy suppliers and see what you could save. Energylinx offer an impartial, online energy comparison and switching service. If you would rather speak to someone and see which energy supplier offers the best deal for you then call 01259 220000.

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December 15, 2017

The winner is...

Happy-Laura smaller.jpgThroughout November, Energylinx ran a promotion guaranteeing one lucky switcher a brand new Suzuki Celerio. The elated winner was Laura Stansfield from Bradford.

Laura had moved into a new property and wanted to compare energy suppliers to get the best deal for her new home. After a quick Google search, she found Energylinx.

Laura choose Energylinx to switch through because the website was clear, simple to use and let her filter the results. After selecting a new energy supplier she was happy for Energylinx to organise the switch which made the new house move a little bit easier!

We asked Laura how she found our switching experience:

"Great - really simple, it took only some key data from me and it gave lots of clear results and I could categorise them as I needed. I also liked the fact that when I had selected the switch it sent me all of the information in an email with some PDF attachments - all the information in one place."

Asked if she had any advice for someone considering switching their energy supply that might not have done it before:

"Do it! Put 10/15 minutes aside and really try to understand what you're doing and the results. Do a little bit of research on the suppliers that give good results - cheapest isn't always best! That's why I liked the Energylinx platform, it allowed me to filter by what I was looking for."

Congratulations, Laura... Enjoy driving your new car!

Energylinx will be running similar promotions in 2018, so keep an eye on our website and social media. If you are thinking about switching energy suppliers now, Energylinx offer a free and impartial switching service online or if you would rather discuss your options with one of our advisors, call 01259 220000.

Laura Driving smaller.jpg

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December 14, 2017

Energylinx is looking for an Outbound Energy Advisor

Energylinx has an Outbound Energy Advisor vacancy open.

Working as an Energy Advisor for an innovative online energy comparison company, you will be instrumental in assisting customers to switch energy supplier.

Our new Outbound Energy Advisor will be entitled to 28 days holiday, a workplace pension and access to Perbox as employee benefits scheme. Perkbox offers a range of rewards such as; free mobile insurance, cheap cinema tickets and money off hotels.

Main Duties will include:

Calling Hot Lead customers who have made online inquiries both B2C and B2B
Calling existing customers with renewal quotes.
Producing documents/reports using Microsoft software.
Liaising internally with other energy advisors and customer services staff
All other such tasks as may be reasonably expected as instructed by the management team or Call Centre Manager.
Requirements of Position: Good knowledge level of Microsoft Office products - particularly Microsoft Excel
Working hours will be 37.5 hours each week, 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
Excellent interpersonal, organisational and communication skills

Personal Qualities

An organised individual able to work to deadlines
Proactive with the ability to work on own initiative
Team Player
Attention to detail
Logical approach to work
Tact and diplomacy
Professional and calm manner

Closing Date
Friday 29th December 2017

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December 12, 2017

Gas prices rise after double blow exposes ageing infrastructure

Homes and businesses throughout the UK could be looking at a potential gas crisis this winter after a series of surprise outages sent gas prices surging - just as demand for heat reaches a high not seen in almost five years.

The last week has seen temperatures plummet and snow cover parts of the country. As the nation has had to turn the heating up, the announcement of the shutdown of the North Sea's most important gas pipeline system after a hairline crack was found, followed by an explosion at a major gas processing facility in Austria has caused chaos and disruption to gas supply across Europe.

Baumgarten Natural Gas Station Blast

An explosion and fire that ripped through Austria's main gas pipeline hub on Tuesday killed one person and injured at least 18 others.

News of the blast sent gas prices in Europe soaring on fears it would restrict supply as winter sets in.
Gas Connect Austria, which operates site, said the hub had been shut down but the blaze had been brought under control. The cause appeared to be a technical fault, it said.

"An explosion occurred this morning before 9:00 a.m. (0800 GMT) on the grounds of the Baumgarten Natural Gas Station," the company said. "The explosion caused a serious fire that has been contained to several small fires."

Oil prices climb as major pipeline shuts for repair to crack

The news of the explosion came hours after oil prices climbed to a new two-and-a-half year high after a major North Sea pipeline was closed for repairs.

Brent crude - which had already been trading around its strongest levels since summer 2015 - surged by 2% to just under $65 a barrel.

Forties pipeline, which carries 40% of North Sea oil and gas, is to be shut down for a couple of weeks while workers repair a crack.

In Britain, Europe's biggest gas market, gas for immediate delivery soared 40% to 95 pence per therm, a level not seen since 2013.

The supply fears lay bare the vulnerability of the UK's ageing energy infrastructure. However, a UK National Grid spokesman said there was sufficient gas supply to meet demand amid multiple outages. We'll be updating this story over the next few days.

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December 12, 2017

Energylinx is looking for an Accounts Assistant

Energylinx is currently looking for an Accounts Assistant. The role is based at our head office in Alloa, Clackmannanshire and offers a competitive salary.

To apply send your CV and covering letter to before the December 22nd deadline.

The Company

Established in 2002, Energylinx Limited is one of the UK's largest energy comparison websites.

Passionate about saving our customers money on their energy bills, we've have made it our mission to make the process of comparing and switching energy suppliers as straightforward as possible.

We run an affiliate partnership programme and have over 5000 partners. We also power the energy platforms for some of the biggest companies in the UK.

Our new account assistant will be entitled to 28 days holiday, a workplace pension and access to Perbox as employee benefits scheme. Perkbox offers a range of rewards such as; free mobile insurance, cheap cinema tickets and money off hotels.

The Role

This new position of Accounts Assistant has been created to provide the Finance Director with support all aspects of financial and management accounting. The role encompasses transactional processing for both purchases and salesof the business, maintenance of the respective ledgersand improving existing processes, procedures and controls. The role would ideally suit an individual who has experience of working within a small company environment who possesses a broad range of skills and is capable of working under their own initiative.

Responsibilities will include:

• Preparation and processing of sales invoices.
• Credit control including customer credit checks and collections.
• Processing supplier invoices to the purchase ledger.
• Ensuring the sales and purchase Ledgers are up to date and reconciled monthly.
• Ensuring that all payment runs are processed in a timely & efficient manner
• Monthly bank reconciliations
• Statutory returns to a draft status - National statistics, VAT
• Answering any financial queries both internally and externally
• Making sure all DD, SO and credit card payments are processed
• General ad-hoc duties

Skills, Competencies & Qualifications:

•Knowledge of Microsoft Office - Intermediate user of Excel and Word
•Exposure to Microsoft Dynamics preferred but not essential
•Excellent interpersonal, organisational and administrative skills
•Ability to engage with senior stakeholders in the business
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Personal Qualities

• Good organisational and problem-solving skills
• Proactive and ability to work on own initiative
• Team Player
• Attention to detail
• Organised - logical approach to work

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