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January 16, 2018

Power Cut Advice

Torch power cutA Met Office yellow warning of snow and ice has been in place since Monday evening, after an icy front arrived from the Atlantic. In some areas the weather warning has been upgraded to Amber meaning an increased likelihood of the weather affecting people who live in those areas.

Weather phenomenon, Thundersnow, has also been forecast, with a warning that power supplies and mobile phone coverage may be affected.

So, what do you do if you experience a power cut? Here is our handy guide:

Power Cut Kit

A torch - it's much safer than using the candles.
A battery-powered or wind-up radio (useful for keeping with relevant local news).
Keep a blanket and warm clothing handy, and fill a vacuum flask or hot water bottle.
Keep your cupboard stocked with food and drink that doesn't require electricity to prepare it.
If you think there is a chance of a power cut then keep your mobile phone and laptop fully charged.

What to do During a Power Cut

Wrap up warm.
Switch off all electrical appliances that shouldn't be left unattended, ready for when the power comes back on.
Leave a light on so you know when the power outage has been resolved.
If it is safe to do so, check to see if your neighbors are okay.
Check your network operator's website or social media channels for updates. If you don't know your network operator, you will find it by clicking here.
Call 105 to report the power cut or get an update.

105 is the nationwide number that will put you through to your local electricity network operator - the company that manages the cables, wires and sub-station that bring electricity into your home.

You can also call 105 if you spot damage to electricity power lines and sub-stations that could put you or someone else in danger. If there's a serious immediate risk call the emergency services too.

105 is a free service for people in England, Scotland and Wales and you can call the number from most landlines and mobile phones. It doesn't matter who your energy supplier is - anyone can call 105.

Posted on January 16, 2018 at 12:29 PM