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March 4, 2015

Utilita Energy Reduce Gas Prices by 5.6%

The UK's leading supplier of prepayment gas and electricity, Utilita Energy, have reduced gas prices by 5.6%. This is to ensure that their prices remain competitive with the big six and other independent suppliers who have decrease prices over the last couple of months.

The price decrease will be effective for current customers on April lst 2015 and new customers immediately. The average customer will experience a price cut of 5.57%, saving an average of £33.20 over a year.

Currently supplying over 180,000 home across the UK and catering for the need of lower income households and vulnerable families, Utilita have made a promise to continually review its prices to ensure that they stay competitive as their overheads will allow.

Bill Bullen (Director and founder of Utilita) explains:

"We always strive to offer competitively priced energy and, wherever possible, smash the prices offered by the Big Six. Utilita's mission is to keep costs down for each and every customer, therefore we rarely get the chance to announce further price reductions simply because we are already amongst the cheapest suppliers. However, when there are drops in wholesale and distribution rates, we're eager to pass these savings onto our customers." He added, "We're delighted to announce this reduction."

Are you a prepayment meter customer? Compare Utilita against the rest of the market here.

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 10:30 AM