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March 2015 Monthly Archive

March 31, 2015

New Tariffs Launched Today...

British Gas launched one new tariff and Sainsbury's Energy three.

British Gas: Fixed Price August 2016

Key features of the tariff are:

• If energy prices rise, yours will remain the same until August 2016
• No exit fees
• Tariff is available to prepaid customers only.

Sainsbury's Energy: Fixed Price April 2016

Key features of this tariff are:

• If energy prices rise, yours will remain the same until April 30th 2016
• Exit fees of £30 per fuel
• Sainsbury's Energy's cheapest tariff for average consuming customers

Sainsbury's Energy: Price freeze May 2016

Key features of this tariff are:

• If energy prices rise, yours will remain the same until May 31st 2016
• Exit fees of £30 per fuel
• Better for lower consuming customers

Sainsbury's Energy: Price Promise May 2016

Key features of this tariff are:

• If energy prices rise, yours will remain the same until May 31st 2016
• Exit fees of £30 per fuel
• Better for higher consuming customers

If you would like to compare any of the tariffs against you current tariff or the rest of the market then there is no place easier than here at Energylinx. Click here to be taken to our free and impartial comparison and switching tool.

Posted on March 31, 2015 at 12:57 PM

March 31, 2015

Energy tariffs that are ending today...

As of March 31st, British Gas and Sainsbury's Energy have removed the following tariffs:

British Gas: Price Protection March 2016
Sainsbury's Energy: Fixed Price March 2016
Sainsbury's Energy: Price Freeze March 2016
Sainsbury's Energy: SE Fix & Reward April 2016

If you are currently on one of these tariffs, you will be moved to the supplier's standard tariff and may be paying more than you should for your energy. To do a quick and simple comparison, click here.

Posted on March 31, 2015 at 12:45 PM

March 24, 2015

Have you switched energy supplier yet?

Government figures show that during the 4 weeks of the "Power to Switch" Campaign, 130,000 UK Households were encouraged to switch their energy supplier and more than £38 million was saved by those who moved supplier. The campaign generated massive media coverage with adverts on the TV, radio, in print and on billboards.

Comparing the same period with last year, there has been a massive increase of 193% in total savings, and amazingly an 80% increase in the number of households that have switched.

Energy and Climate Secretary, Ed Davey, commented whilst wrapping up the campaign:

"Our campaign has helped put millions of pounds back in the people's pockets - and thousands have benefitted. A huge increase in switching in a four week period shows that people want better deals from energy providers - and our reforms to the market have driven competition and made that possible."

Official switching figures covering the campaign period will be published by Energy UK in April and May.

It isn't too late to compare and switch your energy supplier. Energylinx is one of the OFGEM's Accredited Comparison Sites - to use our free and impartial service click here.

Posted on March 24, 2015 at 02:48 PM

March 19, 2015

Switching numbers are up - again!

Figures from Energy UK show that 317,000 UK households switched their energy supply in February, 100,000 more than switched in January. This makes a month to month increase of 50% for 2015, so far. Good news for smaller suppliers - 25% of all switches in February went to them.

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of Energy UK:

"This increase in the number of customers hunting around for a new deal is very welcome news. There are more suppliers than ever before and cheaper deals are announced every week. This is clearly a buyers' market so it is great to see customers are taking advantage of the falling prices.

However we will not become complacent. We want more customers to engage with the market and find the best deal for them. There is plenty of choice on offer, so, if a customer thinks they might be able to save some money they should call their supplier or log on to a comparison site to see if they can save my switching".

And where better than here at Energylinx? If you would like to see what you could save click here.

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March 4, 2015

OFGEM enforce sales ban on ScottishPower

OFGEM, the Energy regulator, set ScottishPower three customer service targets in November 2014. The supplier has failed to meet one of them and as a result has been banned from pro-actively selling for 12 days. In the meantime, all sales staff will be dealing with customer service enquiries.

OFGEM launched an investigation in to the supplier's treatment of its customers, after it received complaints of customers experiencing long call waiting time, receiving late bills and not implementing Ombudsman decisions.

The supplier met two of its three targets set by OFGEM.

1. Improve the speed of answering calls by the end of January. Average waiting time have fallen to less than two and a half minutes since November. Target met.
2. Reduce the number of bills sent out late. Late bills have fallen from 75,000 to 25,000. Target met.
3. Completely remove the backlog for acting on Ombudsman decisions for individual complaints by the end of November 2014. Scottish Power and the Ombudsman believed this target to have been met but OFGEM and the Ombudsman found evidence that ScottishPower had missed the November target by 30. Target missed.

If ScottishPower's IT system only allows a partial implementation of the Ombudsman's solutions, the company has been providing customers with free energy and writing off old debt. This will remain in place until the customer's complaint is resolved. Currently 2000 of ScottishPower's customers are currently receiving free energy.

Sarah Harrison, OFGEMs's senior partner in charge of enforcement said: "A sales ban illustrates the difficulties ScottishPower is having in delivering the levels of service customers deserve. While OFGEM's targets have driven significant improvements in ScottishPower's performance, we remain very concerned about how customers are being treated.

As well as our ongoing investigation, we require ScottishPower to undertake an independent audit of its progress on improving customer service. We will keep the need for any further action under review."

To find out more about the investigation, click here.

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 12:42 PM

March 4, 2015

Utilita Energy Reduce Gas Prices by 5.6%

The UK's leading supplier of prepayment gas and electricity, Utilita Energy, have reduced gas prices by 5.6%. This is to ensure that their prices remain competitive with the big six and other independent suppliers who have decrease prices over the last couple of months.

The price decrease will be effective for current customers on April lst 2015 and new customers immediately. The average customer will experience a price cut of 5.57%, saving an average of £33.20 over a year.

Currently supplying over 180,000 home across the UK and catering for the need of lower income households and vulnerable families, Utilita have made a promise to continually review its prices to ensure that they stay competitive as their overheads will allow.

Bill Bullen (Director and founder of Utilita) explains:

"We always strive to offer competitively priced energy and, wherever possible, smash the prices offered by the Big Six. Utilita's mission is to keep costs down for each and every customer, therefore we rarely get the chance to announce further price reductions simply because we are already amongst the cheapest suppliers. However, when there are drops in wholesale and distribution rates, we're eager to pass these savings onto our customers." He added, "We're delighted to announce this reduction."

Are you a prepayment meter customer? Compare Utilita against the rest of the market here.

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 10:30 AM