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January 13, 2015

E.ON cuts gas prices by 3.5%

Falling gas prices finally means cheaper energy bills!

Wholesale gas costs fell 26% between the third quarter of 2013 and the same period in 2014 and have continued to fall further since, but until today no supplier had reduced the price of their gas.

E.on are paving the way for the rest, as of 9am today they have reduced the prices of 4 core products. This means an average annual saving of £24 for some 2 million of their 4.5 million domestic customers that automatically benefit from the decrease. Others will be given the option to move to a cheaper tariff. E.on now believe that they have the country's cheapest energy tariff, with a one-year fixed dual-fuel product averaging an annual price of £923.

The 4 tariffs effected by the price decrease are:
• Age UK fixed 2 Year,
• E.On Energy Fixed 1 Year,
• E.on Energy Fixed 2 Year,
• E.on Energy Plan.

Those on their fixed 1 year will see some of the biggest reductions with up to a massive £223 being wiped off some dual-fuel customer's annual bill.

Chief executive Tony Cocker said:

"Today's 3.5% cut to our standard gas price and the launch of the UK's cheapest energy tariff, our one year fixed product, demonstrate that we fundamentally believe in doing the right thing for our customers. This is further evidenced by the fact we are the first supplier to reflect through our standard tariff the overall drop in wholesale gas prices this winter.

While oil prices have slumped, the gas price has remained volatile - some days up, some days down - and many of the other non-energy costs that we don't control but make up a customer's bill have increased and are set to increase further.

Today we've taken steps so we can make a price cut on our standard gas tariff at the same time as offering customers, existing and new, the chance to sign up to the UK's lowest priced energy tariff. As we have always said where it is possible we will try to pass savings on to our customers."

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Posted on January 13, 2015 at 09:00 AM