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May 30, 2014

New Tariffs Launched Today from British Gas and Sainsbury's Energy

British Gas and Sainsbury's Energy have launched five new tariffs today. The two British Gas tariffs are Fixed Price January 2017 and Fixed Price August 2015.

Sainsbury's Energy was born through a partnership between British Gas and Sainsbury's which began in 2011. Their customers are supplied by British Gas and receive Nectar Awards points. They have launched the three following tariffs today; Fixed Price August 2015, Fixed Price April 2016 and Fix & Reward August 2015.

All tariffs are available on our comparison website as of 8am today. For more information on the above tariffs see the news stories below.

As of today, British Gas have removed their Fixed Price March 2016 and the Fixed Price May 2015, Sainsbury's Energy have removed their Fixed Price May 2015, Fixed Price March 2018 and Fix & Reward May 2015. Customers who are on these tariffs will be contacted by their supplier before the contract end date with options of other tariffs available to them - there is absolutely no obligation to choose one of the given options and Energylinx would encourage any customers who are at the end of their existing contract to shop around for the best deal available for their home - you can use our 100% free and impartial online energy comparison tool here.

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 08:08 AM