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September 11, 2012

Priority Services Register: Should Customers Sign Up?

ENERGYLINX: Unbeknownst to the majority of UK energy customers that continue to struggle under a harsh economic climate, there are a number of relatively unheard of services in which energy suppliers are obligated to provide to all those in need - the foremost of which being the Priority Services Register.

In order to bridge the ever-increasing gap of fuel poverty, all major UK energy suppliers are legally obligated in order to provide a range of free services to their most financially vulnerable customers. These services are free to join, and are available to any customer that has a disability, a hearing or visual impairment, is chronically ill or is of pensionable age. To all those who are eligible, energy suppliers must supply the following services:

Meter Reading Services: If you are physically unable to report meter readings, the supplier must arrange for energy meters to be read every quarter in order to calculate bills.

Moving Meters: If it is too difficult in order to read a meter at its current location, the supplier will typically move the meter to a more convenient location, free of charge.

Free gas safety check: If you live alone, are of pensionable age or are live in rented accommodation, the supplier is obligated to arrange for an accredited engineer to perform these checks once a year.

Priority Notice: If you rely on essential electronic medial equipment in your home, the supplier is legally obligated to provide you with advance notice prior to disconnection so that you have ample time in order to make alternative arrangements.

Alternative Arrangements: If all residents in your house are on the register, your gas provider is obligated to provide a basic alternative for cooking and heating should supply be turned off without notice. Priority customers are also meant to be amongst the first to be restored after a cut.

Bill Nominee Scheme: If bills are too difficult to read or understand, the supplier should send bills to a relative or carer of your choosing.

Alternative bill formats: Should you suffer from a visual impairment, the supplier must provide you with a bill or other statements in Braille, a Talking Bill, or to use a text phone.

Password Scheme: A unique password should be established and utilised every time that staff visit a customer's home.

Special Controls and Adaptors: Special controls making gas and electricity controls easier to use should be fitted by your supplier where required.

It should be noted that the registrant may be means-tested for access to many of these services. In order to learn more about how you can apply for the Priority Services Register, use our PSR Request Form.

In addition, customers should also consider whether other suppliers have more to offer them - both in the way of priority services, as well as by way of lower energy prices. In order to use our 100% free and impartial energy comparison tool online, click here.

Posted on September 11, 2012 at 12:29 PM