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September 27, 2012

First Utility Launches iSave v12

ENERGYLINX: First Utility removed its iSave v11 from the market this week, and announced the launch of its latest tariff, the iSave v12.

The only major change between the two tariffs is that - unlike its predecessor - the iSave v12 does not feature a dual fuel discount. There have been no changes to the standard terms and conditions.

The iSave v12 is a dual fuel, single rate tariff, and must be paid via monthly Direct Debit. Online billing is preferable, although paper billing is available at an additional charge of £1 per month. Customers choosing to participate in this latest tariff are to be billed using estimates based upon estimated annual consumption (EAC) for electricity and the Annual Quantity (AQ) for gas as given to First Utility by the customers' former suppliers - unless said customers opt to supply opening meter reads. Each customer will have the ability to submit monthly meter reads via our customer portal and will be prompted to do so by email.

Unlike many dual fuel tariffs, there are no early exit fees associated with this product after the initial fixed price period of 3 months. If customers with to switch product or supplier within this initial 3 month period, however, a termination fee of £30 per fuel applies.

As with the introduction of any new tariff to the market, Energylinx highly recommends that customers pursue professional advice before switching tariffs or suppliers. In order to use our 100% free and impartial online energy comparison tool, click here.

Posted on September 27, 2012 at 01:57 PM