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September 27, 2012

E.ON Launches Best Deal for You Range

ENERGYLINX: E.ON Energy has announced a major upheaval in its tariff structure by launching its new Best Deal for You range.

Falling in line with E.ON's recent reset on customer relations, the supplier's Best Deal for You product set was crafted to "rebuild customer trust through simple, clear and transparent offerings." In order to do this, E.ON chose to remove a whopping 8 tariffs from the market:

  • Age UK
  • Age UK Fixed Price April 2014
  • E.ON Energy Discount 2013
  • E.ON Energy Online
  • E.ON Fixed Price April 2014
  • E.ON Go Gre
  • E.ON Save Online 12
  • E.ON Track & Save 14

As part of its new product set, E.ON has replaced said tariffs with five core 'build your own' tariffs, as well as two prepayment tariffs. As with the supplier's former plans, all products within the Best Deal for You range vary relatively based upon pre-existing terms and conditions; however, all new tariffs illustrate E.ON's desire to move the industry from a market of instant discount rewards to one of higher-value, behaviour-based rewards.

In particular, said behaviour-based rewards include loyalty discounts, prompt pay discounts and Tesco Club Card Points. Such discounts and rewards can be customised based upon the needs of the customer on all non-standard tariffs, and E.ON has also introduced a standing charge to replace secondary rates.

The Best Deal for You range is composed of the following tariffs:

  • E.ON EnergyPlan is a single or dual fuel variable rate tariff with no standing charge and no cancellation fees. The EnergyPlan features no rewards, but boasts potential discounts for Direct Debit, Prompt Pay and dual fuel customers. Tesco Points are earned based upon the amount otherwise spent.
  • E.ON Energy Discount is a single or dual fuel variable rate tariff that features a standing charge and a single unit rate, as well as potentially applicable early exit fees. The tariff boats discounts for Direct Debit and Prompt Pay customers, a loyalty discount and rewards for dual fuel and online account management.
  • E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year is a fixed-rate tariff available in dual fuel or electric-only. Similar to E.ON's Energy Discount, the Energy Fixed 1 Year features all the same primary discounts and rewards as the former - the only major distinction being that the rates of the Energy Fixed 1 Year will not change for the duration of contract.
  • E.ON Energy Fixed 2 Year is also a single electric or dual fuel fixed rate tariff. It provides discounts for Direct Debit and Prompt Pay customers, as well as dual fuel, online account management and loyalty rewards. The Fixed 2 Year maintains both a standing charge and single unit rate, and IGT charges are not applied.
  • Age UK Fixed 1 Year is a dual fuel or electric-only fixed rate tariff that is available only to over-60s. The tariff includes Age UK Winter Payments - £10 for those aged over 60, and £20 for those aged over 80 - as well as the same discounts and rewards associated with E.ON's Energy Fixed 1 Year and 2 Year tariffs. The Age UK Fixed 1 Year plan cannot earn Tesco points, but features no cancellation fees.

In addition, E.ON's Best Deal for You range also features two prepayment products:

  • E.ON EnergyPlan with Prepayment is a variable rate tariff available to dual fuel or electric-only customers. It features no standing charge on gas, but does have a standing charge for electricity. The tariff does not maintain any of the discounts offered by E.ON's new credit tariffs; however, there is not cancelation fee, and customers can earn Tesco Club Card points based upon what they spend on energy.
  • E.ON Prepayment Reward is the final offering from E.ON's Best Deal for You range, and is a variable rate tariff available for dual fuel or existing single electricity customers only. The plan features no annual discounts; however, rewards are offer for dual fuel, and loyalty customers. In addition, Prepayment Reward participants can also choose to collect a product reward in the form of either Tesco Club Card Points or credit top-ups for their electricity meter. The tariff features a standing charge on electricity, as well as a cancellation fee.

If you would like to learn more about the rewards and terms and conditions associated with E.ON's new range of Best Deal for You products - or simply to find out whether any of these energy plans may be the cheapest deal for your home - use our 100% free and impartial energy comparison tool online.

Posted on September 27, 2012 at 04:33 PM