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May 9, 2011

Npower launch Go-Fix 6

Npower has launched Go-Fix6 with effect from 9th May 2011.

Go-Fix 6 is a new online fixed npower product designed to give Monthly Direct Debit customers security and peace of mind through fixed energy prices. It offers both dual and single fuel customers fixed prices until 31 July 2012 if you manage your account online. A £20 cancellation fee per fuel may apply if you change tariff or supplier before this date.

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Key Facts of Go-Fix6:
* Go-Fix 6 is available for sale from 09 May 2011until 31 July 2011.

* Energy prices will be fixed at the price set at the launch of the product until 31 July 2012.

* For the average dual fuel direct debit customer, the charges are 3.8% lower on an annual basis when compared with npower's standard (off-line) variable tariff, until 31 July 2012. Annual charges for other customers including those taking only one fuel will vary and may be higher than standard.

* Available to new and existing Dual Fuel and Single Fuel customers paying by Monthly Direct debit.

* Customers must manage their account online.

* A termination fee of £20 per fuel may apply if a customer wishes to leave the product tariff before 31 July 2012.

* At the end of the fixed period customer will revert to standard online prices for their area unless they agree to be placed on another suitable npower product.

* IGT Charges of £31.50 per annum are charged where the customer is connected via an IGT network.

At the same time Go-Fix5 has been withdrawn from sale. Originally planned to be available until 31st May the launch of Go-Fix6 has meant that Go-Fix 5 is no longer available to new customers.

As with any tariff launch Energylinx would encourage users to compare their own requirements across the entire energy market, either by calling us on 0800 849 7077 or be using the links below:

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Posted on May 9, 2011 at 09:34 AM