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July 2010 Monthly Archive

July 19, 2010

An end to fuel poverty in sight??

With more and more customers falling into the fuel poverty* trap (latest estimates are around 4.8 million homes) Energylinx asks the question why government departments have not focused on resolving this at grass roots levels by encouraging customers to simply switch energy supplier to the least cost supplier.

Energylinx predicts that with careful management of those customer's transferring, ensuring that they do geniunely receive a 100% impartial comparison, that the likelihood is that fuel poverty could be eradicated in the UK almost overnight. The only negative issue is that if this was to happen energy suppliers would be forced to increase energy costs as they simply could not maintain their current competitive position with the sheer number of new customers joining them at the most competitive rates.

Energylinx predicts that if in an ideal world that all 4.8million fuel poor switch supplier to the least cost supplier for their household then energy prices across the board would need to increase by circa. 3% to allow suppliers to maintain current profit margins.

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