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February 2008 Monthly Archive

February 10, 2008

British Gas increases energy tariff by 18.58%

From a position of being one of the cheapest online tariffs in the UK up until the 8th January, Click Energy from British Gas has decided to cease selling Click Energy 4 and introduce Click Energy 5.

Along with the name change comes a price increase:

Average Dual Fuel Increase 18.58%
Average Electricity Increase 20.98%
Average Gas Increase 16.68%
based on a standard domestic user consuming 20,500kWhs of gas and 3300kWhs of electricity paying by monthly direct debit. Source: Energylinx as at 09.02.2008

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February 2, 2008

Who is the cheapest energy supplier in the UK?

There appears to be a constant quest to discover who the cheapest energy supplier in the UK, however this is something that is completely impossible to convey with a single table.

energywatch, the domestic electricity and gas watchdog were some years ago encouraged by the Advertising Standards Authority to come up with a profile of the standard customer.

When these figures were produced, some six years ago, they relied on what was publicly available information at the time and came up with the consumption figures 20,500 kWhs for gas and 3,300 kWhs for electricity and today in every table we see, including that noted below, these figures are quoted.

The truth is the average domestic consumer uses nothing like these figures so when we read that such and such supplier is cheapest in a particular area it is always based on an energy profile that simply does not exist.

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