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December 2007 Monthly Archive

December 4, 2007

British Gas reviews its Market Tracker energy tariff

In line with the rules surrounding this tariff, British Gas has announced an increase at its first quarterly review of its Market Tracker tariff.

The increase averages 15.03% on gas and 15.21% on electricity across all fourteen UK distribution areas**.

With British Gas Market Tracker, prices are tracked against wholesale prices from 1st September 2007 until 31st August 2008. Prices are set at the beginning of each quarter on the following dates: 4th December 2007, 4th March 2008 and 3rd June 2008. The prices are then fixed for the remainder of that quarter.

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December 3, 2007

Who is the cheapest energy supplier?

The most sought after position in the UK domestic energy market is now being dominated by the relatively new player, Spark Energy.

Up until recently British Gas held the mantle of being the cheapest dual fuel energy supplier for a standard domestic customer, paying by monthly direct debit with an online account.

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December 3, 2007

E.ON, the new name for Powergen

From now on it's E.ON. As of December Powergen became E.ON, one of the worlds largest investor owned energy companies, who is committed to changing energy for the better. That means they want to change where we get our energy from, how E.ON gets it to you and helping us to use it more efficiently.

In the UK, E.ON's generation business produces enough electricity to cater for the needs of around eight million homes. E.ON is one of the leading green generators, with 21 wind farms located from Cornwall to Northern Ireland and have recently finished building the UK's largest dedicated biomass power station at Lockerbie.

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