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October 1, 2007

British Gas launch Click Energy 4

British Gas has today, 1st October 2007, launched a new energy tariff named Click Energy 4. This is an online tariff where consumers will manage their account online.

Click Energy 4 currently holds the number 1 position across the UK for combined gas and electricity (dual fuel) at what is classed as a standard domestic consumer paying by monthly direct debit

As with any tariff Energylinx would recommend that any customer thinking of moving tariff should first enter their own personal details in its free gas and electricity comparison calculators to check whether or not this represents the best deal for your home.

Energy suppliers are guided by regulation by the Advertising Standards Authority to compare prices at what is known as a low, medium and high user but unfortunately these figures are many years out of date when it comes to a typical UK consumer's energy profile, so whilst a tariff might well appear to hold position number 1 it is always better to compare against your own home.

Energylinx offers a unique 100% impartial service that compares every single tariff available to your home and within seconds you can see who represents the best deal for your home.

The services are available using the following links:

Compare both gas and electricity prices

Compare electricity prices

Compare gas prices

And for those without internet access you can call 0800 849 7077 and Energylinx will happily provide a free written quotation based on your personal details.

Posted on October 1, 2007 at 09:10 PM