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February 2007 Monthly Archive

February 12, 2007

Green Energy UK reduce electricity prices

Green Energy UK has today announced a price reduction in its two tariffs Green Energy +10 and Green Energy 100.

green energy +10
green energy +10 delivers 10 percentage points more green electricity than the statutory requirements (for 2007 this will be 17%)

green energy 100
green energy 100 is 100% pure green electricity - available at a small premium over your regional electricity supplier.

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February 8, 2007

British Gas reduces domestic energy prices

British Gas has made a very welcome announcement today in that they are going to reduce the costs of gas by 17% and electricity by 11%.

With wholesale gas prices radically reducing over the last few months suppliers such as British Gas have come under pressure to pass on these reductions to their customer base.

Energylinx welcomes this move and have carried out some additional analysis to allow you to see the overall effect of these reductions:

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