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March 2006 Monthly Archive

March 31, 2006

Scottish and Southern Energy increase domestic energy prices

Scottish and Southern Energy plc ("SSE") will increase its prices for the majority of its domestic electricity and gas customers on 1 May 2006. Standard prices for electricity customers will increase by 9.4% on average and standard prices for gas customers will increase by 16.5% on average. SSE will, however, hold its electricity and gas prices for these domestic customers at their revised levels until at least the start of 2007.

This is in line with SSE's policy, which is to seek to protect its customers from the worst impacts of high and volatile wholesale energy prices and to delay for as long as possible any increases in prices for gas and electricity. SSE's decisions to delay price rises have saved a typical* gas and electricity customer around £100 since the start of 2004, compared with what they would have paid had SSE increased prices at the same time as the UK's largest energy supplier.

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March 3, 2006

Telecom Plus increase gas and electricity prices

Telecom Plus has succumbed to pressure and joined the ranks of the many gas and electricity suppliers who have increased prices over the last few weeks.

Their average increases are electricity prices at an average 9.16% increase across the UK and gas prices at an average of 10.38% across the UK. Telecom Plus like the many other energy suppliers had their last increase in October 2005.

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