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December 2005 Monthly Archive

December 12, 2005

Zest4 new electricity prices for new customers

As of today, 12th December 2005, Zest4 has taken steps to reduce the number of new customers they acquire. By increasing their electricity prices for new customers to a level where they are no longer competitive they will be able to effectively stop new customer sign-ups.

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December 12, 2005

Utilita customers transfer to EDF Energy

Just over 4,500 residential gas and electricity customers supplied by the energy company Utilita are in the process of being transferred to EDF Energy for their gas and or electricity supplies.

Utilita is a small energy company that has been operating since October 2004, focussing mainly on Energy Efficiency. Due to the exceptionally high prices of wholesale fuel, Utilita is no longer able to support these customers.

Existing Utilita customers will be transferred to the EDF Energy brand, both in area and out-of-area.

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