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January 12, 2005

Powergen Age Concern Energy Price Increase

Age Concern Energy, the partnership between Age Concern and Powergen has announced an increase in energy prices.

This latest increase is effective for new customers with effect from the 5th January 2005.

This is the third major supplier increase announced in 2005 and although this will not effect existing Powergen Age Concern customers at this time it is a timely reminder that the predictions of sharp increases in energy prices during 2005 are fast becoming a reality.

Energylinx would encourage all domestic energy consumers to check whether or not they have the best supplier for their home using one of the free calculators at the foot of this note.

Energylinx has analysed the effect of Powergen Age Concern Energy price increase and the results can be seen in the table below:

Powergen Age Concern Energy effect of January 2005 increase
Local Distribution Area Pre Increase Post increase % increase
East Midlands £535.57 £588.79 9.94%
Eastern £535.88 £596.92 11.39%
London £531.87 £596.53 12.16%
Manweb £545.82 £615.28 12.73%
Midland £532.42 £592.96 11.37%
Northern £536.21 £597.25 11.38%
Norweb £531.87 £596.53 12.16%
Scottish Hydro £558.58 £615.07 10.11%
Scottish Power £552.84 £622.18 12.54%
Seeboard £525.42 £580.74 10.53%
Southern £536.85 £600.03 11.77%
SWALEC £560.94 £632.44 12.75%
SWEB £557.58 £617.80 10.80%
Yorkshire £532.75 £593.29 11.37%
Based on standard domestic consumer consuming an average 3,300 kWhs electricity and 19,050 kWhs of gas per annum - paying by monthly direct debit. The prices include VAT and all applicable discounts. Source

If you wish to carry out a personal comparison of how this latest increase affects you feel free to use any of the links below:

Dual Fuel Price Comparison

Gas Price Comparison

Electricity Price Comparison

These Energylinx calculators are unique in that they allow you to compare the prices of all energy suppliers.

Energylinx will arrange the whole transfer process for you, including notifying your existing supplier of any planned change and tracking the transfer to ensure that it occurs on time and accurately. Energylinx provides its services completely free of charge to the domestic consumer.

Posted on January 12, 2005 at 11:05 PM