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December 2004 Monthly Archive

December 11, 2004

Warm Fix from British Gas

British Gas this week has launched its latest tariff Warm Fix. Warm Fix is one of a select number of tariffs in the market today whereby the supplier is assisting in helping the consumer reduce their energy consumption.

The first company to launch this type of tariff earlier this year was Utilita, and from a pricing and contractual viewpoint the Utilita tariff wins hands down.

Both companies offer a three year contract but whereas with Utilita you can leave at the end of each year and atttract no financial penalty, British Gas charge the consumer the hefty sum of £100 to leave them. Unfortunately British Gas are no stranger to the concept of charging the consumer to leave - at the moment their capped price tariff has an unique penalty included of £30 for departing consumers.

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December 11, 2004

British Gas lose 630,000 customers

British Gas have announced the loss of a further 630,000 customers in the second half of 2004. This comes on top of 290,000 customers in the first half of the year.

Centrica, the owner of British Gas unveiled these customer losses in their latest trading outlook for 2004.

British Gas had increased their electricity prices in September by 12.4% and 9.4% for gas placing them in unenviable situation of being one of the most expensive domestic energy suppliers in the UK.

Centrica have stated that in the light of this the British Gas profit margin will be similar to 2004 and will increase in 2006 as gross margins improve and the full-year impact of cost reductions takes effect.

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December 6, 2004

ScottishPower increase online energy prices

ScottishPower has announced an increase in their online domestic electricity and gas prices, effective for new customers from the 7th December 2004.

This latest price increase comes within a week of ScottishPower announcing that they were to commence charging 135,000 gas customers who are on a non-Transco gas network an extra £40 per year. Although ScottishPower do have to pay this additional charge to the Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) it will however net ScottishPower a further £5.4 million a year.

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December 1, 2004

Economy 7 - a new tariff is launched

Domestic consumers can now benefit from another new licensed supplier by the name of ZEST4.

ZEST4 have spent many years preparing to offer you the 'best value, most helpful' service in the market. They are:

Not an old company with a new name or "brand"
But a new company, independently owned with a fresh approach

ZEST4 are initially concentrating on domestic electricity in England and Wales although within a few months we expect to see an equally competitive gas tariff launched by them.

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