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November 2004 Monthly Archive

November 22, 2004

Energy Smart launched to help reduce household fuel bills

Household fuel bills could be reduced by £1 billion a year through switching fuel suppliers and improving energy efficiency, Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt MP will tell an energy consumer summit in London today.

Ms Hewitt and Energy Minister Mike O'Brien are launching a new drive to get consumers - particularly vulnerable consumers - to 'switch and save' and cut the cost of fuel bills this winter.

At the summit Ministers will outline specific annual savings for households with gas and electricity:

First time switchers could save up to £100 a year on fuel bills.

Changing payment method from standard credit (i.e. cheque/cash) to direct debit could save around £20 a year. Pre-payment meter users stand to save even more.

Energy efficient measures such as cavity wall insulation alone could save £35 a year.

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November 10, 2004

Countrywide Energy New Prices

Countrywide Energy, part of the largest farmer controlled farming and rural supply business in the UK, have today issued new gas and electricity prices that are effective immediately for any new clients.

This is the third increase from Countrywide Energy in gas prices during the year to 10th November, the last two increases being on the 1st September 2004 and the 1st May 2004.

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November 2, 2004

Powergen increase prices

ENERGY giant Powergen today announced a further price increases of 8.9% for electricity and 9.6% for gas. These increases will take effect with all customers from the 29th November 2004.

The latest increase in gas bills is Powergen's third of the year and means prices have soared by 17.6%. It is also the second increase of electricity prices by the company with the last being January 2004 when customers saw a 6.9% increase in their electricity bills.

These changes do not affect customers on the Powergen Age Concern tariff or anyone who had transferred to a capped rate tariff prior to the 3rd of November, although it still worth checking on the Energylinx price comparison service to see whether or not you have the best supplier for your own circumstances.

Powergen blamed the latest hikes on the 'unparalleled rises in wholesale costs' which have hit all energy suppliers and led to a spate of similar moves.

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