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January 2004 Monthly Archive

January 18, 2004

Servista no longer!

Servista has announced that with deep regret it is no longer to supply gas and electricity directly to domestic consumers.

Servista has said that domestic consumers will see no interruption in their services as all domestic contracts have been assigned to Powergen.

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January 9, 2004

Npower price hikes

Npower are have today announced an increase in their domestic gas prices of around 5.2%. This will take effect from the 1st of February for all existing customers and from today for any new applications.

On an average UK gas bill this will have the effect of adding a further £17.68 to bill. Npower have now joined the likes of British Gas, Powergen and Atlantic Electric and Gas who have all announced prices increases in the last few months taking affect from early 2004.

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